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Rejuvenating foot mud mask with soy wax

Rejuvenating foot mud mask with soy wax

Hind alates: 29.00

The treatment starts with a soothing and disinfecting foot soak, which contains Himalayan salt and the essential oil of birch bark or yarrow. Then, a mixture of hemp oil and chamomile flowers is gently applied over the feet. Chamomile blossoms have a slight peeling effect. Then a warm mud mask with soy wax is applied over the feet. Lake mud, rich in minerals and nutrients, is used for this treatment. The mud has impressive medicinal properties. It balances and boosts biological processes and is a potent antioxidant. It also stimulates metabolism, removes harmful waste, and speeds up protein, DNA and RNA metabolism. Warm mud helps warm up deeper tissue levels and keep them warm. the speed of general blood circulation and metabolism increases, and blood supply to tissues improves.
In 10 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water, which is followed by gentle massage using hemp oil with the addition of one essential oil. The essential oil can be chosen from our selection of juniper oil, lemongrass oil, rosewood oil and field mint oil.

The treatment lasts for 40 minutes.


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