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Rejuvenating foot mud mask with soy wax

Rejuvenating foot mud mask with soy wax

Hind alates: 29.00

The treatment begins with a cleansing and relaxing foot soak containing Himalayan salt and yarrow essential oil. After this, the feet are gently lubricated with a mixture of hemp oil and herbs, and then a warm mud mask with soy wax is applied to them.
The mask contains natural lake mud, the organics of which consist of humic and fulvic acids. Humic acids promote the production of minerals in the body, as well as the absorption of magnesium, calcium, and iron. Fulvic acids stimulate biological processes in the body and maintain their balance, promote the transport of nutrients and their absorption, as well as the removal of residual products from the body. Soy has a beneficial effect on skin health, helps retain moisture and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Thanks to the combined effect of therapeutic mud and soy wax, the skin and subcutaneous tissues warm up, blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body are accelerated, blood supply to tissues and metabolic processes are improved. The procedure ends with a light massage with a mixture of hemp oil and essential oils.
The treatment helps relieve joint problems and skin health. 
Treatment duration: 40 min


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